Bimodal Delivery

Enable Digital Business Transformation with Bimodal Support

In the age of Digital Business Transformation companies are being called on more than ever to deliver innovation to support new business models while maintaining uptime for mission critical systems that for example, keep the orders coming in and invoices going out. Much is being written about this Bimodal IT or solutions approach which addresses both “keep the lights on” functionality and “business advancing” task.

Take a look at orders to cash processes today across many industries and you will see extremely high percentages of existing revenue flowing through EDI systems with much of the growth projections coming from online channels using APIs or web services integration. All are extremely important and require intelligent work flows, monitoring, reporting, and speedy error correction.

To be as competitive as possible today your integration solutions need to be Bimodal and often leverage OnPremise and Cloud solutions merging the old reliable and the new. As Gartner describes it, the first mode is traditional – empahsing scalability, efficiency, safety and accuracy. The second mode is nonsequential – emphasizing agility and speed.

The HIP or Hybrid Integration Cloud by definition is a combination of on-premises and in-the-cloud integration and API management capabilities. And HIP is the key technology enabler for bimodal integration, because it can provides stakeholders of integrations with a comprehensive platform to address a range integration techniques to enable Digital business transformation.

SEEBURGER provides the world’s most complete Hybrid Integration Platform to power all your connections from traditional EDI and MFT to delivering your digital business transformation. We deploy in the Cloud, On Premise, and or Hybrid scenarios based on your resource and budget constraints.

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