Immediate Supply of information

Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

Get ready with SEEBURGER for Immediate Supply of information (SII)

SII - What is it?

Immediate Supply of Information (SII) is a new VAT management system that will require online submission to the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) of the details of invoices issued and received within a maximum period of four business days, which has been extended to eight business days during 2017.

The SII system, which will enter into force on July 1, 2017, modifies the current system of keeping the VAT registration books and will oblige to send electronically to the AEAT the data of the invoices issued and received within the next four days to its issue or accounting record.


Who does Immediate Information Supply (SII) affect?

  • The SII System will affect some 63,000 companies that represent 80% of total turnover and are obliged to self-assess VAT monthly.
  • Companies with a turnover of more than 6 million euros.
  • Taxable persons subject to the special scheme of the group of VAT entities.

What are the main advantages of SII?  

  • Fewer formal obligations as models 347, 340 and 390 will not be required.
  • Checking the data faster, as the AEAT will have the information in real time.
  • It will save time. You will not have to carry a log book with your data, it will be done by the AEAT itself with the information that the taxpayer will provide.
  • Fewer errors since with this tax data the AEAT will create a kind of "draft VAT" that will be sent to companies.

SEEBURGER has a solution to have you up and running in time – on premise or as a Cloud Service

SEEBURGER has all options available to get companies to comply with the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) including: invoices received and sending, intracommunity transactions, investment goods and incoming cash payments. The SEEBURGER SII solution automates the processes of generating and sending the VAT books. Our solution acts as a secure and direct bridge with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), allowing companies to comply with their obligations in a simple way and without complex and internal developments. The solution supports different customer scenarios for SAP – Non-SAP using companies.

SEEBURGER SII solution is an integrated BIS adapter that automatically generates the necessary files and translates them into the XML format required by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT). Through the SEEBURGER BIS integration platform, the files are sent securely, based on required certificates, and responses with AEAT, via webservice, to the electronic headquarters of the AEAT which will validate and store them.

Through the AEAT response system, the client (SAP or Non-SAP) receives the status of its registration: fully accepted, accepted partially or completely rejected. The different status can be monitored on-line via the SEEBURGER Message Tracking solution.

The SEEBURGER SII solution is available for on premise installation as well as in form of a SEEBURGER Cloud Service. Simply choose what is more convenient for your company.

Business Benefits of the SEEBURGER SII solution:

  • Increased efficiency of administrative processes.

  • Status information in which the VAT books are found.

  • Less time is necessary to generate and send the VAT books.

  • Fast implementation time and be ready in time.

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