The use of E-Invoicing pays off – Start now!

The use of E-Invoicing pays off – Start now!

Companies handling their invoice processes electronically and automatically are able to save between 60 and 80 percent of cost compared to a paper-based process!

SEEBURGER E-Invoicing – the all-in-one Solution for E-Invoicing formats worldwide

The E-Invoicing solutions from SEEBURGER ensure fast ROI

Companies handling their invoice processes electronically in an automated way are able to save between 60 and 80 percent of the costs – compared to a paper-based process.

Benefits from highly automated e-invoicing processes are reduced processing times and costs along with increased quality and transparency.

E-invoicing also improves the business relationship with both your vendors and your customers: no lost invoices, better utilization of discounts and optimized cash management.

And it is a significant step to ensure internal and external compliance with business rules and legal requirements.


The use of e-invoicing pays off – Start now!

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SEEBURGER Blog – E-Invoicing

With SEEBURGER E-Invoicing you are on the safe side.

We support e-Invoice compliance in more than 55 countries.

Key building blocks of the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing solution are:

  • Wide support of format
    SEEBURGER supports all required data formats.
  • Electronic signatures
    SEEBURGER signs / validates the invoices, optionally by calling a signature cloud service.
  • SEEBURGER connects
    Connect to governmental systems or state agents when required e.g. to clear e-invoice transactions or for reporting of tax information.
  • Long-term archiving
    Connection to your existing archive system or to a long-term archive in the cloud.

The SEEBURGER E-Invoicing solution supports all relevant E-Invoicing standards:

  • CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet) Mexico (B2B/B2G)
  • SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información del IVA) Spain (B2G)
  • Facturae Spain (B2G)
  • DEMAT (EDI COMPLET) France (B2B)
  • Chorus Pro France (B2G)
  • FatturaPA (Sistema di Interscambio, SDI) Italy (B2G/B2B)
  • PEPPOL Europe (B2G)
  • ebInterface Austria(B2G)
  • ZUGFeRD Germany (B2B/B2G)
  • etc.


Control the processing of incoming and outgoing invoices

enhancements for deep process integration with any ERP system

Beyond the support of all E-Invoicing messaging formats it is key to automate and properly manage the inbound and outbound invoice processes to and from your ERP (A/P Application). We support you with:

Invoice Portal

Centrally manage any type of inbound invoice

Benefit from a central and easy-to-use cloud portal solution for all types of inbound invoices. Manage all invoice booking steps centrally, ensure proper account assignment and (multi-level) approval steps. Thus get transparency until the final booking in your ERP (A/P) system.

Securely manage your inbound invoices via the SEEBURGER Cloud

The SEEBURGER Invoice Portal is the perfect solution to be used in combination with any ERP system. The Invoice Portal is ready to receive any type of inbound invoice format and to process invoices via the dedicated input channel. To increase the quality of invoice data received, the solution offers a comprehensive invoice compliance check against your invoicing rules. The invoice compliance check minimizes efforts of handling non-compliant invoices. It allows rejecting these invoices to the vendor instantly in a standardized and self-explaining manner.

For every e-invoice (in case pure electronic data has been received without any invoice image) a human-readable image in PDF format is generated automatically, so that business departments and auditors can easily review them during the invoice processing – or even years later.

Use cases:

  • You need to handle a multitude of different e-invoicing formats (including PDF and paper via scanning) and you want to offer flexible communication options to your suppliers.

  • You want to ensure that only compliant invoices are forwarded to your ERP for final booking.

  • You want to optionally bundle inbound invoices prior to  handover to the ERP system(s) to minimize handling effort in these systems.

SEEBURGER Invoice Portal

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Invoice Delivery Service

Easy but secure delivery of outbound invoices

Using the cloud-based SEEBURGER Invoice Delivery Service you can easily and securely dispatch electronic invoices to your customers. The service can be flexibly docked to your billing applications and supports any e-invoicing format that you prefer.

Dispatch your outbound invoices via the SEEBURGER Cloud as simple as sending e-mails yet secure

You can hand any kind of data format to our cloud-based Invoice Delivery Service. We convert it into the agreed e-invoicing format and subsequently dispatch it to your customers.

Dispatch can take place as encrypted e-mail, via various other secure communication protocols or via a secure download link from our Cloud.

Use cases:

  • B2C: Consumers appreciate the advantages of an online portal in addition to a pure e-mail transmission.
  • Healthcare: Due to legal and data protection reasons it is mandatory to send the invoices encrypted, traceable and without any data change. The confirmation of the invoice receipt is mandatory and has to be documented.
  • Industry: Invoices with very large attachments (i.e. technical drawings, certificates, test reports) are sent via encrypted download links embedded in the e-mail. This enables the transmission of documents that would exceed the maximum permissible size of an e-mail.

SEEBURGER Invoice Delivery Service

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Functional overview of the SEEBURGER BIS E-Invoicing Solution

Successfully process and manage all type of inbound and outbound invoices

The BIS E-Invoicing Gateway receives, sends and stores electronic invoices, makes them available to back-office applications and provides process control and analysis capabilities.

BIS E-Invoicing Management provides tools for the central management of the multitude of E-Invoicing partners:

  • SEEBURGER Invoice Portal Cloud Service – manage inbound invoices centrally
  • SEEBURGER Invoice Delivery Cloud Service – secure invoice delivery

Master all B2B and B2G
E-Invoicing standards

See how you can overcome the complexity of the various E-Invoicing mandates.

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E-Invoicing Report

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Guidance on how to support the various E-Invoicing mandates

E-Invoicing Blogs

SEEBURGER E-Invoicing – Advantages and Business Values

The use of E-Invoicing pays off – Start now!

  • Lower Costs & faster ROI
    The conversion to E-Invoicing can reduce 60 to 80% of your processing costs per invoice.
  • More efficient processes & higher compliance
    Make your invoices more efficient and transparent, helping you better meet regulatory requirements.
  • More Safety
    Secure exchange of all invoices through encrypted transmission methods.
  • Better Cash flow
    Immediate delivery of invoices shortens the time to payment, improving your cash flow.
  • Complete transparency & fast booking
    Automated processing of incoming invoices with workflow-based approval processes ensures complete transparency and faster invoicing.
  • On the safe side worldwide
    SEEBURGER E-Invoicing supports all relevant E-Invoicing formats – today and in the future.

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