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B2B and MFT Modernization Solution for the Utility Industry

Utilities are often heavily reliant on specialized, purpose-built technology solutions that address a particular business need (e.g. network control, outage management, load balancing technology) but aren’t well integrated across the value chain and have limited native ability to directly serve the customer. The ever-growing amount of highly actionable data from assets like power plants, transformation stations and other infrastructure, smart devices, mobile workers and operational processes across various rapidly advancing platforms means that utilities can and have to bring together data from information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in a single hub to advance their business model and to be able to operate faster.

Today more than ever, utility companies are asking “How can we be competitive in this digital world?” People, whether they are customers, citizens or employees, increasingly expect a simple, fast and immediately seamless experience.

Digital technology gives utility companies the opportunity to collect a much richer, customer level data, analyze it for service improvements, and add new services to change the way customers buy products.

The Digital Transformation has many advantages and benefits to offer the utilities industry, including:

  • Digitally engaged customers trust their utilities company
  • Digital technology brings the capability to provide more accurate billing and payment processing, including faster response times to change addresses, update billing information and customer data
  • Predictive maintenance with outage maps and real time alerts
  • Smart meters allow utilities to inform their customers about energy consumption, tailor products and services to customers while achieving operational efficiency

To move your IT infrastructure forward, you need to be able to integrate a combination of internal and external entities, the cloud, mobile devices and the Internet of Things. And you need a modern digitalized way to manage the data flows that drive critical business processes and interactions among them.

SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite is the perfect solution to break down business silos and make all intra-company data accessible. Use cases can for example span from customer-facing portal solutions displaying energy consumption or other relevant information, the delivery of e-Invoices over to internal use cases like providing data for mobile workers reading meter data or performing maintenance. By connecting data and harnessing the power of an unified integration suite covering MFT, B2B, EAI and API Management in one single platform, you are able to keep your company lean and agile, allowing significantly reduced costs while futureproofing your business.

B2B software: standardized, integrated, industry-specific

SEEBURGER addresses current market requirements and customer needs with an integrated approach: our Business Integration Suite offers standardized solutions that are all fully integrated with each other and all run on one technology platform – thereby firmly focusing on the user’s requirements. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite delivers consistent adherence to standards combined with industry-specific process expertise.

SEEBURGER offers transparent, workflow-based solutions for the high-tech and utilities industries:

Challenge Solution
Morph your utility enterprise into a digital utility Legacy Modernization and the utility industry
With a pre-configured industry profile (processes, mappings, communication parameters), our B2B software enables you to establish connections with partner companies, quickly, simply and automatically with the click of a mouse. The standard B2B solution for the utility industry
Managed File Transfer turns the transfer of business-critical data, both internally and to and from external partners, into a secure, transparent and monitored process. MFT – the secure transfer of business-critical data
Cross-company,cross-system end-to-end monitoring in SAP. Monitor: end-to-end monitoring for SAP users
The SEEBURGER Community Management Application seamlessly converts raw information into any given format and handles the sending and receiving of information to partners, customers and regulators. Especially in the context of emerging decentralized resources on the grid, partner onboarding will become a vital process. 100% partner integration/community management
Seamless automation of processes, from order entry through to receipt of payment. Order-to-cash for SAP users and others
Seamless automation of processes, from ordering to payment. Purchase-to-pay for SAP users and others

SEEBURGER has successfully helped over 800 companies remain compliant with various industry regulations including those set forth in the US by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as well as under European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT)

SEEBURGER can support and assist you in the planning and implementation of our services using our best practice approach for regulatory reporting.

SEEBURGER offers local workshops to educate you on the current industry legislations and regulations, and the steps you must take to become and remain compliant in the ever-changing world of regulation.


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